[25 Feb 08] - Raymond Kisses Myolie In New Series

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[25 Feb 08] - Raymond Kisses Myolie In New Series

Post by Jessica on Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:27 am

In “The Master of Tai Chi” Raymond Lam Forcefully Kisses Myolie Wu

Credits: http://asian-gossip.blogspot.com/

TVB new series “The Master of Tai Chi” held a premiere event yesterday. The leading actor Zhao Wen Zhuo and leading actresses Melissa Ng and Myolie Wu were absent. The promotion responsibilities fell to Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma. In “Tai Chi”, Selena Li and Kenneth would have bed scenes. Also, Raymond Lam and Myolie Wu would have a scene filled with passionate kissing. Raymond Lam said: “Myolie and I needed to be emotionally prepared for that scene. For that kissing scene, I took the initiative and I was forceful.” The reporter teased him that he could not face Myolie’s alleged boyfriend Bosco Wong because of his forceful kisses with her. Raymond said: “I understand. It’s work. Their relationship did not start two years ago!” After he said that, he knew he said the wrong thing and stressed that he didn’t know anything (about Myolie and Bosco). Kenneth was asked about the missing cast members at the promotional event. He said: “I think Melissa would not be coming out for the promotional event.”

Raymond Lam Films Bed Scenes Fearless of Myolie Wu’s Boyfriend (Ta Kung Pao)

Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma were the hosts of the premiere event (for “Tai Chi”). The organizers arranged for them to play games with the crowd. For one of the games, Raymond placed his hands on the important areas in the front and back. He also brought his shoulders up to compact himself for protection. He joked that it was to prevent fans from touching him in areas that they shouldn’t get close to. It was hilarious. Raymond expressed that he was confident about the ratings. This was his first series set against the pre-modern era. The storyline contains a lot about human nature. In the series, there was a scene of him kissing Myolie in bed. It was quite intimate. He admitted that he knew Myolie personally but they needed to prepare themselves mentally for that scene. Are you afraid that Myolie’s alleged boyfriend Bosco Wong being jealous? Raymond started to chuckle as he said: “He will understand. We are acting. Also, the series was filmed two years ago. I don’t know if they started back then.” Kenneth Ma and Selena Li would have bed scenes too. Kenneth said it’s not exciting. He only touches her shoulder. The reporter asked if he was afraid her boyfriend, Patrick Tang, would come after him. Kenneth joked that he would welcome it.


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Re: [25 Feb 08] - Raymond Kisses Myolie In New Series

Post by Tiramisue on Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:35 pm

Ray looks so cute in the top pic...really wished i could've been there

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