[12 Mar 08] Stars and fans compete to sing happily

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[12 Mar 08] Stars and fans compete to sing happily

Post by Melody on Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:12 pm

[12 Mar 08] Stars and fans compete to sing happily

picture credits http://myoliewu.org
translation credits Melody.

Today is the second day of the "春暖人间--TVB群星耀星城" programme. After filming the promotional videos for Hunan TV and the television programmes, Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma (the three of them arrived earlier) went to the meet-and-greet session with fans. As for the other three artistes- Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan and Selena Li, they arrived Hunan at 1.45pm and went directly to the meet-and-greet session.

This meet-and-greet session has attracted the attention of many fans and audiences long ago. There were many fans who gathered at the event location as early as nine in the morning. When the six of them came out, the fans immediately showed their welcoming by cheering for the artistes. After signing on the board, the six artistes immediately went on the stage to interact with the fans who have waited for a long time.

The main point of this visit by the TVB stars to Changsha is to promote the shows currently and soon-to-be aired by Hunan TV, like The Glittering Days, Land of Wealth, Dance of Passion, To Grow with Love and also the second season of 舞动奇迹 in April. Before the stars came out, the big screen at the event broadcasted some clips of their performances in the mentioned dramas and other events. This alone brought up the excitement of the fans who were present. When the six stars finally appeared, the fans welcomed the their idols passionately.

The meet-and-greet session officially started after teaching the 6 guests to greet the fans with the dialect used in Hunan. The first part of the session "Sing together " (一起来唱歌) is directed at The Glittering Days which is currently airing on Hunan TV. In this popular drama. which ranked top in the ratings of all the shows in the country during that timebelt, there are various parts with songs and dances and it reflected the Hong Kong culture in the 60s. The surprising part is that Charmaine Sheh, who played the "ugly duckling" in the show, was the singer of all the songs used in it. In this part of the event, the host invited a few lucky fans to play a game known as "Snatching to sing" (抢歌演唱). They have to include the words '春' and '星' in the lyrics of the songs. After a exciting competition, Charmaine Sheh, who is a famous singer in the show, won the this mini-game with Bowie Lam and Joe Ma. They formed the A group who won the B group.

After that was a second part called "Exercise together"(一起来运动). The six stars have their own favourite sport, like jogging, swimming and high-jump etc. And in To Grow with Love, Myolie Wu ,who played Ho Mei Tin, gained 40 pounds for the role. After filming the show, she slimmed down very fast and this had to do with her unique slimming experience. Next, the few stars started to dance with the help of dancing instructors, showing off their nice postures. Joe Ma, who did not forget to be comical, invented the "Neck Exercise" which made everyone laughed. From what the reporters have found, the comedy To Grow with Love, will be airing after The Glittering Days and it is believed that everyone will be able to see the polished acting skills of Myolie Wu and the others.

The last part of the event is "Perform together" (一起来表演). The host invited some audience from the floor up the stage to learn performing from Bowie Lam. In Dance of Passion, despite the little scenes between Bowie Lam and Charmaine Sheh, the both of them had very deep memories about the difficulties while filming the show. Bowie Lam played the strong leader of his family group, Yim Maan Hei (阎万曦),whose destiny and relationship was filled with ups and downs. Bowie Lam liked the character personally, even more than the character Suen Baak Yeung (孙白杨) which he played in War and Beauty. The audience were very lucky to perform the type of arrogance of "the big boss of the Yim family " (阎家大老板). The comical Bowie did not forget to show the cool look which made the audiences feel the friendly side of him.

After the meet-and-greet session, the six stars split into two groups and went to two different TV statiosn to record programmes and share with the fans their interesting stories. All interested audience must not miss this programme. And tomorrow, Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma will return to Hong Kong first. As for Bowie Lam, Sharon Chan and Selena Li, they will participate in the live programme "快乐2008" on 14 March and the audience can continue to watch their performances.


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