[12 Mar 08] Myolie tells stories with exaggeration

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[12 Mar 08] Myolie tells stories with exaggeration

Post by Melody on Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:44 am

[08/03/12] Myolie tells stories with exaggeration (太陽報副刊)

translation credits Melody .

To be an artiste, the things you say have to be interesting in order to capture the audience's attention. Especially when you are doing an interview, if the things that you say are boring, the audiences will not have the patience to listen. Myolie Wu fully understands this point. There was a time when she attended a health event, she recounted one of her own experiences and the way she described it was much more interesting than storytellers. It was about a time when Myolie suspected that there's something wrong with her health, thus she went to the hospital for a checkup. She said that during the period of time when she was waiting for the results, she felt like she have been given the death sentence. She also said when she was doing the scans, she felt very afraid as if she was claustrophobic. She could make a normal body checkup process sound as if watching a horror movie.

Actually by doing this, apart from making the interview more interesting, when Myolie talked, her facial expressions and concentration can help her to polish her acting skills. By doing the interview and polishing the acting skills at the same time really saves time and is efficient. Myolie is really more calculative than housewives.


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