[7 Mar 08] Myolie's and Bosco's Tacit Understanding, Filmed Ad Together

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[7 Mar 08] Myolie's and Bosco's Tacit Understanding, Filmed Ad Together

Post by Jessica on Sat Mar 08, 2008 5:56 pm

[7 Mar 08] Myolie's and Bosco's Tacit Understanding, Filmed Ad Together

translation credits to magnolia_sara @ Boscolie Paradise

credit http://myoliewu.org

Days ago, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong filmed an advertisement for an electric appliance company; the fee they received from the company was a really good sum! On the day of the filming, the two of them were extremely matched in their poses. When they were asked about what other kind of advertisements are they interested in filming in the future, both of them answered the same wish of wanting to film an ad for real estate or automobiles. Indeed they share the same mind!

After the broadcast of the series "Wars of In-Laws II", the couple image of Myolie and Bosco is becoming even more popular. After the wedding advertisement, the two of them were invited by Tai Lin Electric Appliance company (泰林電器) to film an advertisement just days ago (Note: Tai Lin is also a sponsor of "Wars of In-Laws II"). Myolie and Bosco have different looks in the advertisement as they changed to sporty, leisure, and elegant clothing. They have taken various matched poses, having no problems in holding hands and hugging waists. The advertisement has brought Myolie some good amount of income and even some other rewards too. She said, "Earlier, the company has given us and Liza an LCD. Also, earlier when my father moved, I have visited the company to buy many appliances too, including refrigerator, washer, and television!" So when will be her turn in buying an expensive house and new appliances? She laughs, "I really want that to happen too! Buying a new house is a good thing, but I will wait until later. The housing price is really high now." As for Bosco who loves taking pictures himself, he said he is especially interested in electronics like amplifiers and video-capturing devices. He said, "Recently I want to replace my old computer!" Just by his side, Myolie chips in, "I want a new Notebook too!" The two are really compatible!

Hoping to film real estate advertisement

When the reporters asked the "couple" what kind of advertisements are they interested to film in the future, Bosco said, "Real estate! Automobile is good too!" Myolie once again chips in, "I agree! It's not like I am greedy, but those kinds of advertisements come out really beautiful. It's best if the ad is filmed in France too!"


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