[3 Mar 08] Myolie Wu Becomes Nervous When Checking Eyesight

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[3 Mar 08] Myolie Wu Becomes Nervous When Checking Eyesight

Post by Xue on Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:47 pm

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Myolie went to World's "Hong Kong Glaucoma" (世界青光眼日香港站) function yesterday. Myolie also accepted doing glaucoma risk assessment with the eye doctor right away. She also found out of the disease with a 14-year old fan who is suffering from glaucoma.

Myolie's both eyes are tiny nearsighted, respectively 200 and 250 degree, but temporary not considering to do laser surgery, all along she is worried that the surgery process is dangerous. Besides, wearing contact lenses is more convenient.

Years ago, she went to visit Mainland with Oxfam, her eyes frequently saw flashing. At that time she was very worried, so immediately she looked for the eye doctor, she even did a vision MRI scan of the head, luckily the doctor said there was no big problem. Possible because of the headache being influenced, Myolie indicated that before doing the test, she needed to put eye drop in her eyes, to enlarge the pupil.

When waiting in the room, she said the feeling was just like waiting to be sentenced. While doing the vision MRI scan, she got tied up in the machine, she felt that she was like having claustrophobia. She felt afraid and her mood was very nervous.

Beside protecting her eyes, in addition, Myolie also does annual blood tests, regularly does body checks, also calls her family members to do body checks as well.


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