[29 Feb 08] Bosco & Myolie attend Tommy Leung's Daughter's Wedding

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[29 Feb 08] Bosco & Myolie attend Tommy Leung's Daughter's Wedding

Post by Jessica on Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:29 am

[29 Feb 08] Bosco & Myolie attend Tommy Leung's Daughter's Wedding

ALL translation credits to magnolia_sara @ TVBsquare

credits on.cc, 星島日報, Myolie's baidu

Rumored couple Myolie and Bosco arrived at the party one after another. Coincidently, both of them were interviewed together. Bosco, who drove his antique car, wishes the wedding couple to be together forever. The two of them also met Michael Miu, his wife, and Eric Tsang at the entrance. All of them engaged into conversations. When asked Myolie whether she knows the bride Bonnie Leung? She answered, "I know Bonnie, but I am more acquainted with her father Tommy Leung. He invited me to the party. (Why didn't you come yesterday?) I have just come back to Hong Kong today." Earlier Toby Leung said she cries (for happiness) when she saw her sister getting married. Myolie said she will herself as well. She has cried before during her elder sister's wedding also because she was really touched by the scene. When reporters asked whether she has the urge to get marry? She smiles, "Not so soon." Reporters then asked when will she get marry to Bosco? Myolie immediately said she is in a hurry to join the party and did not offer a response.


another version:

TVB Executive Tommy Leung's daughter wedding party continues for a second night. Many artists attended, which shows how friendliness Tommy is. The second night's attendees include Michael Miu and his wife, Eric Tsang, Charmaine Sheh, and Roger Kwok. The rumored couple Myolie and Bosco arrived one after another.

Bosco arrived in his antique car, while Myolie arrived in a seven-seat van. They were requested by the reporters for pictures. Both of them share the same thought of giving the wedding couple cash as gift. When the reporters asked the two of them when will they get marry? Myolie immediately rushes into the party, while Bosco follows quickly.


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