[29 Feb 08] Bosco and Myolie enjoyed Japanese food together

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[29 Feb 08] Bosco and Myolie enjoyed Japanese food together

Post by Jessica on Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:28 am

[29 Feb 08] Bosco and Myolie enjoyed Japanese food together

ALL translation credits to magnolia_sara @ TVBsquare

credits on.cc

Bosco is invited to an opening ceremony of a sushi restaurant along with Selena Li and Natalie Tong. During the ceremony, he displayed his cooking skills by making some sushi. However when reporters asked him whether he will make sushi for his girlfriend, Bosco said he prefers bringing her to a restaurant to eat instead. Reporters also asked Bosco whether Myolie likes Japanese food or not? Bosco said earlier the two of them have eaten Japanese food together during a lunch break from filming. By the look on Myolie's face, it is easy to tell that Myolie loves Japanese food.


credits 大公报, Bosco Baidu

another version:

Bosco is invited to cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony of a sushi restaurant. He jokes that he needs to ask the boss for a VIP card. Bosco, who loves to cook, is really good at cooking seafood. When asked whether he will make sushi for his girlfriend if she requested? He laughs that he can bring her to a restaurant instead! He also mentions that his rumored girlfriend Myolie loves to eat Japanese cuisine as well. There was one time when the two of them had a lunch break from filming, they went to eat Japanese cuisine together. They ordered eight dishes and have to take some home because they could not finish them. As for his new series "The Seventh Day", he has heard good reviews, and he hopes the rating of "The Seventh Day" will increase.


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